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Gentle, strong, and focused

Naturopathic Medicine & Integrative Bodywork

Herbal Remedies

Healthcare for Your Whole Being
Physical, Mental, Emotional, Soulful

Gentle, strong, and focused

Gentle, Strong, Focused Attention
Supporting You toward Your Goals

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Supporting the Body-Mind with Massage for Relaxation and Pain Relief.

Massage and in-person holistic health care visits offered in Corvallis, OR.

Serving virtual clients through mentoring and Naturopathic medicine throughout Oregon.

For more information or to book appointments:

Call or text 425-891-5041

Integrative Bodywork

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Massage is wonderful support for relaxation and pain relief, and there are many effective techniques.  At Spacious Being you will receive specific attention to individual muscles and interconnected massage techniques so that you walk out feeling deeply relaxed and more at ease in all your muscles.

Naturopathic Medicine

Yoga by the Ocean
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Herbal Medicine

Support your whole person health care with virtual visits providing integrated physical, mental, and emotional guidance.  Sessions always include attentive listening and skillful assessment and may include lab testing when needed.  Treatments draw from many disciplines, including dietary and lifestyle change, herbal and vitamin supplementation, and prescriptions when needed.


Rock Maze
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Image by Håkon Grimstad
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Empower alignment of thoughts, action, and energy toward achievement of your vision with support provided in virtual visits.  Receive support for integration of ceremonial healing such as soul retrieval or other ceremonies.

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New clients can schedule 15 minutes free
to answer your questions and discover if we would be a good fit.

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