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Integrative Bodywork

Supporting the Body-Mind with Awareness, Relaxation, and Pain Relief through Massage Therapy, Stretching, and Teaching Self-care Techniques.

Healing touch is like a mirror that supports acceptance and relaxation.

There are so many different styles of therapeutic touch.  Focused attention on the body with very light touch and adjustments to position can be profoundly relaxing.  Even hands held close to the body without actually touching can be very impactful, unwinding, and relaxing.  Deep tissue, or specific pressure on chronically tense muscles or areas of tissue stuckness or adhesions can bring greater freedom of movement.  Stretching and rocking styles of massage can also help your whole body unwind and reset.

Image by Toa Heftiba

Techniques include your preference and mix of:

  • Fully-clothed massage sessions with gentle and playful rocking massage with movement of limbs and focus on requested areas such as neck, hands, and/or feet.

  • Swedish massage with flowing strokes for relaxation and supporting an interconnected feeling in the body

  • Craniosacral method and/or exquisitely gentle touch to support calming and grounding for highly sensitive people

  • Deep tissue and specific work on focused muscle groups for decreasing adhesions and for pain relief

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