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About Dr. Jessica Hebert, ND

- Naturopathic Doctor -

OR license #4396
WA license #NT60469451 (Retired)
CA license #1224 (Retired)

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Weaving together medical knowledge, passion for food as medicine, counseling skill and intuition to serve your health, wholistic healing, and self-development goals.

Yoga by the Ocean

The Spacious Being Story

Your Path to Whole Health

At Spacious Being, Dr. Jessica respects the inter-relatedness of healthy mind, healthy body, healthy communities, and healthy earth.  She focuses on helping clients improve their individual health while maintaining curiosity and building awareness of how our collective attitudes and practices impact individuals and the earth.  She believes food can be potent medicine, time in Nature nurtures our wellbeing, exercise is amazing, rest and connection are pillars of health, and deepening awareness is essential for sustainability. 

It’s this philosophy that guides her approach, including her services, teachings and treatments that help clients achieve healthier bodies and minds. Curious to find out more? Schedule a 15 minute discovery call today.

Jessica Hebert, ND is deeply and lovingly committed to guiding your desired healing and transformation processes through the interconnected terrains of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  After a visit with Dr. Jessica, you will feel inspired by your own opening and depth as the light of her attention and curiosity helps you uncover surprising truths hidden within the life and health issues that you bring to the appointments. 

Whether you want to focus on physical goals (such as lowering blood pressure naturally, balancing blood sugar, optimizing digestion, or relieving muscle pains), or emotional goals (such as creating practices and perspectives that increase happiness or equanimity), or personal goals (such as improving relationships or increasing self-discipline), Dr. Jessica has the skills to help you get there.  

She graduated from Bastyr University in 2013 with a degree in Naturopathic Medicine, from the Cortiva Institute of Massage in 2011, and from Humboldt State University with a B.A. in Chemistry in 2005.  This schooling and her subsequent practices of Naturopathic Medicine and bodywork have given her a solid foundation in how to support the physical health of the body through careful diagnostic evaluation and treatment with lifestyle modification, dietary therapy, bodywork, herbs, supplements, and medications.

Dr. Jessica honed her coaching and motivational skills through her two and a half years working at Alere Wellbeing, helping over 5000 clients overcome addictions to tobacco and supporting others in achieving weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals through over the phone coaching.  She has been devotedly studying and practicing ancient and modern transformational healing practices rooted in ceremony, depth psychology, dream work, mantras, affirmations, prayer and meditation practices for over 18 years with guidance from both local and international healers, especially with her teacher Char Sundust through the Sundust Oracle Institute starting in 2008.  Dr. Jessica's mentoring style has been greatly influenced by the mentoring frameworks and intuitive mentorship style modeled and taught by Char Sundust. 

She is grateful for all of her teachers, from elementary school all the way through university and the present, who taught her so much about life and learning, and the innumerable healers who have come before her and preserved traditions, built foundations of research and new practices, and overall added their love, wisdom, and creative energy to the rich tapestry of medicines and philosophies available to us today.

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