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About Prolon

Complete 5-day FMD Food Kit

Prolon is available through the Wellevate store link above and part of the Weight Loss Package.  The kit includes everything you need for a 5-day Fasting  Mimicking Diet that has been shown to support healthy longevity, weight loss, and metabolic balance.  Scroll down for more information and to see the contraindications.  You can also learn more during a complimentary 15-min Discovery Call by scheduling online.

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Prolon Flavor Options

If you already know you are ready to start Prolon, you can click the link at the top of this page to purchase Prolon at 10% discount.  You will need to make an account, and then enter Prolon in the search bar.  Three different Prolon options will show up in your search.  All of them contain 5 days worth of food, including snacks, teas, and two soups per day.  The soup flavors are different in each of the different options.

Prolon Original

Contains the soup flavors: Minestrone Soup Blend, Mushroom Soup Blend, Minestrone and Quinoa Soup Blend, Tomato Soup Blend, and Vegetable Soup blend.

Prolon Soup Variety 2 

Contains Tomato Soup Blend, Butternut Squash and Quinoa Soup Blend, Butternut Squash Soup Blend, White Bean and Spinach Soup Blend, and Black Bean Soup Blend.

Prolon Professional 

Designed for people with more sensitive digestion. It does not have any nightshades in its ingredients, and it has less inulin (a type of fiber) and fewer grains than the Prolon Original or the Prolon Soup Variety 2.  The soup flavors in Prolon Professional are V-blend Soup Broccoli-based, V-blend Soup Beet-based, V-blend Soup Vegetable-based, V-blend Soup Asparagus-based, and V-blend Soup Artichoke-based.  ​​


More Details about Prolon

Prolon is a complete 5-day fasting-mimicking diet kit containing all of the foods in specific amounts you need to:

  • achieve a physiologic state that mimics fasting in several key ways

  • preserve your lean body mass at the same time

  • support healthy longevity by reducing the processes that age your cells

Prolon was developed by Professor Valter Longo, Director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California.  In his book, The Longevity Diet, Longo shares how the course of his life and his following of what he calls "5 Pillars of ​Longevity" inspired and guided him to discover the guidelines of the Longevity Diet and create the Prolon FMD 5-day kit. 

The 5 Pillars are basic research on the science of longevity, epidemiological research about longevity, clinical studies on humans, focused epidemiological studies on centenarians, and viewing the human body as a complex and whole system rather than only as isolated parts.  The guidelines of the Longevity Diet and the Prolon kit pass the criteria of all 5 Pillars.  

Longo designed Prolon with healthy longevity in mind. In a clinical trial with 100 participants, 71 of whom completed the full trial, which included following the 5-day Prolon kit once per month for three consecutive months, and ate their regular diet the rest of the time.  The study showed that participants:

  • lost an average of 5.7 pounds

  • lowered waist circumference an average of 1.6 inches

  • helped maintain metabolic health as well

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Contact me to find out more about whether Prolon would be a helpful addition to your plan for long-term health and how best to follow the kit for optimal results.  You can make a free 15-minute appointment with me specifically to answer your questions about Prolon through my online scheduler.


Who Should Not Use Prolon?

  • Children under 18

  • Elderly or frail

  • Pregnant or nursing 

  • Allergy to nuts or soy

  • BMI less than 18 or greater than 40 (BMI under 18 don’t have enough fat)

  • Serious medical condition or disease

  • Recently weakened by serious disease

  • Type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes--Never combine Prolon with metformin or insulin

  • History of significant cardiac disease

  • History of fainting or syncope with calorie restriction

  • Liver disease or kidney disorders. 

Sales of Prolon through this website do benefit Spacious Being.